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Economisers – maintenance and replacement

Economisers – maintenance and replacement

Many industrial and commercial businesses use boilers as an integral part of their operations and very often they are one of the larger costs for the business. In many cases, the flue chimney is fitted with economisers which reuses some of the heat energy in the flue gases to heat the boiler feed water. Understanding […]

Self-cleaning electrostatic precipitator system reduces costs

Automatic self-cleaning electrostatic precipitator system reduces costs and beats emissions standards for Polyflor

Looking to minimise the TCO on a replacement electrostatic precipitator (ESP) system, flooring manufacturer Polyflor has chosen an innovative new design from ThermTech. Judged to be the most cost-effective option to remove plastisol emissions from flue gases, the new ESP unit incorporates a revolutionary cleaning system that effectively eliminates down-time for maintenance. Polyflor is a […]

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