A ThermTech Boiler Economiser manufactured and retrofitted to suit a 15 tonne/hr steam boiler for a UK based brewery company

A typical natural gas fired 3-pass shell boiler raising steam at 10 bar g will exhaust flue gases to atmosphere at approximately 230°C making it a valuable source for heat recovery. The treated water fed to the boiler from the storage tank is typically maintained at a temperature of 80-85°C.

A boiler economiser fitted to the flue exhaust of such a boiler will cool the flue gases down from 230°C to approximately 140°C while pressurised boiler feed water fed from the feed water pump is preheated from 80°C up to approximately 105°C before entering the boiler.

This means a reduction in fuel consumption of 4-6% for the same boiler output, resulting in a 6-18 month return on investment for the complete project installed and commissioned.


      • Bespoke design to suit the individual boiler system
      • Design conforms to BS EN 12952, the Pressure Equipment Directive (PED) and CE marked accordingly
      • Manufactured entirely from carbon steel as the most economical design
      • Highly durable extended surface fins spirally TIG welded around the outside of each boiler economiser tube
      • Single tube design ensuring a uniform boiler feed water flow through the entire tube element even on a high boiler turn down, avoiding undesirable local hot spots, scaling and sludge build up inside the boiler economiser tubes
      • Designed to minimise additional back pressure on the burner fan and additional load on the boiler feed pump at maximum boiler load such that normal boiler operation is not affected

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