Boiler Economiser manufactured and retrofitted to suit an 8 tonne/hr steam boiler
for a UK based textiles production company

Over 350 Boiler Flue Gas Economisers have been designed, manufactured and installed by ThermTech over the past 30 years. We supply boiler economisers to a wide range of sectors including chemical, pharmaceutical, processing, industrial and manufacturing.

Boiler economisers recover waste heat from hot boiler flue gases to preheat boiler feed water. Usually, a 4-6% saving on fuel costs are achieved, resulting in return on investment periods of between 6 and 18 months for the complete project installed and commissioned.

The complete design, manufacture, installation, commissioning and aftercare of the boiler economiser system can all be provided in house by our experienced team of engineers, welders and on-site fitters.

Each ThermTech boiler economiser system is bespoke and as such requires individual evaluation at the initial stages of the project. ThermTech offer an initial consultation and survey of your boiler system free of charge.

Boiler economisers can be installed on any of the following types of boiler:

  • Natural gas/dual fired steam or hot water boilers
  • Biomass fired steam or hot water boilers
  • Waste heat boilers for CHP/engine/turbine/process
  • Thermal oil heaters

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5.    Thermal Oil Heater Economisers
6.    Condensing Boiler Economisers

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