Heat Transfer coefficient converter

We know that it comes handy to have in your toolbox a Heat Transfer coefficient converter.

 1/(U \cdot A) = 1/(h_1 \cdot A_1) + dx_w /(k \cdot A) + 1/(h_2 \cdot A_2)

Convert to the most common units used for Heat transfer coefficient with the converter below. Just type in the box the coefficients and select the units.



Units to Convert:

watt/square meter/K
watt/square meter/°C
joule/second/square meter/K
Btu (IT)/second/square foot/°F
Btu (th)/second/square foot/°F
Btu (IT)/hour/square foot/°F
Btu (th)/hour/square foot/°F
CHU/hour/square foot/°C

Unit Converter

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