We are all looking at ways to improve profitability and there is no better way to reduce manufacturing costs than by installing one of our Heat Recovery Systems.

The savings achieved will go on year after year and with the ever rising cost of energy these systems have an increasing asset value. Couple this with a corporate responsibility to improving our carbon footprint and it is no wonder that Heat Recovery Systems are a valuable addition to any business.

Situation:  One of the heat recovery systems we installed for one of our long standing clients, a major plant services supplier in southwest England, was reaching the end of its economic life cycle. Having been in service 24/7 for 15 years it had well proven its worth, but nevertheless its value could not just be written off. The system was an economiser on the rear of a turbine based CHP plant. Its thermal performance had decreased slightly due to tube scaling and thinning of fins and it had suffered from one or two tubes being by-passed. To re-tube the unit would have been a time consuming process and every hour that the plant was out of service resulted in a high loss of revenue.

Solution: We manufactured a complete unit with a new gas outlet hood to exactly match the existing plant, and then completed a quick exchange old for new. Careful site dimensions were taken and the whole assembly delivered to site and installed on the same day. Successful project with the CHP plant only out of operation for 10 hours.