Steam boiler economiser installed in Noble’s Hospital on the Isle of Man

When Noble’s Hospital on the Isle of Man was looking to reduce operating costs ThermTech designed, manufactured and retrofitted three bespoke boiler economisers to help them do this.

The hospital had two 6,000 kg/hr and one 4,000 kg/hr natural gas fired steam boilers running at 10 bar g each.

The Solution

Three bespoke boiler economisers were installed in a horizontal orientation fitted directly onto the boiler flue exhaust flange with inlet / outlet gas side transitions to suit.

Each boiler economiser cools the boiler flue gases from 240 to 160 °C, thereby preheating boiler feed water from 110 to 135°C, resulting in a ~5% uplift in boiler efficiency. The consequent savings in fuel mean the project will pay for itself in just 3 years from the date of commission.


Steam boiler economier installed in Nobles Hospital on the Isle of Man

The low additional back pressure on the burner fan and the low additional pressure drop across the boiler feed pump as a result of retrofitting the boiler economisers mean that normal operation of the boiler is unaffected.

The project won the hospital a government award for ‘Best Innovation’. Read the full story here.