Thermtech’s parent company, The Workspace Group, was established in 1985 to stimulate social and economic regeneration in the Magherafelt area by initially providing enterprise units, business support services and employability initiatives. They are now regarded as one of Northern Ireland’s leading social enterprises.

Their Mission Statement is “Passionate about Business, Delivering to our Community”. This reflects the social enterprise model that they use – providing a range of commercial ‘business’ activities the surpluses of which are used to partly or wholly fund non-commercial social activities.

Born out of necessity, and the need and desire to do something about the crippling external, economic, political and social factors of the late 70s and early 80s, their ongoing success bears testimony to their vision, determination and will to succeed. Over the years Workspace has been instrumental in the creation of hundreds of jobs; generated previously unthought of business opportunities and energised the community’s self help mentality to create infrastructure that benefits young and old, female and male alike.